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  • Becoming Who We Are: Real Stories About Growing Up Trans

    A Wave Blue World

    Becoming Who We Are: Real Stories About Growing Up Trans

    Becoming who you are is a journey, and all journeys start somewhere. In a collection of stories from across the spectrum of real-life experience, nine members of the trans community share their inspirational childhood stories. These are tales of...

  • Cinderwich

    Apex Book Company


    "Who put Ellen in the blackgum tree?"Decades after trespassing children spotted the desiccated corpse wedged in the treetop, no one knows the answer.Kate Thrush and her former college professor, Dr. Judith Kane, travel to Cinderwich, Tennessee in hopes...

  • The Library Mule of Cordoba

    Lev Gleason

    The Library Mule of Cordoba

    Here’s the story of what happens when saving the world’s knowledge from destruction depends on the worst mule in history! The Caliphate of Al-Andalus, Spain, 976. The Caliphate has been blessed with a period of peace, culture, and science for...

  • LILO & STITCH #626

    Dynamite Entertainment

    LILO & STITCH #626

    HAPPY STITCH DAY TO ONE AND ALL! To celebrate International Stitch Day — the greatest (and bluest) of all holidays — Dynamite is proud to present this spectacular 96-page graphic novel honoring everyone’s favorite furball, STITCH...

  • The Boys Omnibus Volume 1

    Dynamite Entertainment

    The Boys Omnibus Volume 1

    This is going to hurt! In a world where costumed heroes soar through the sky and masked vigilantes prowl the night, someone's got to make sure the "supes" don't get out of line. And someone will!Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman,...

  • Disney Villains: Maleficent

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Disney Villains: Maleficent

    Queen Maleficent rules the Forbidden Woods…a mysterious realm shrouded in darkness and evil, and all things that go bump in the night. Countless kings of empires far and wide have tried to vanquish the Forbidden Woods where the Forbidden Mountain...

  • Strangers In Paradise Volume One

    Abstract Studio

    Strangers In Paradise Volume One

    "Accessible, if not downright addicting." - Shelf-Awareness The multi-award-winning series, Strangers In Paradise, gets a brand new update in four exciting volumes! Strangers in Paradise is the compelling love story of three unlikely friends who find...

  • Godsrain - A Pathfinder Novel

    50 Amp Productions

    Godsrain - A Pathfinder Novel

    The first Pathfinder novel in years promises a world-changing tale of epic scale set amidst the War of Immortals!Gods are not meant to die. They're supposed to be immortal, too powerful to be struck down or wither to dust like the people of Golarion. It...

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