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Disney Villains: Maleficent

Soo Lee
Publication Date:
Agre Range:
Ages 12 And Up

Queen Maleficent rules the Forbidden Woods…a mysterious realm shrouded in darkness and evil, and all things that go bump in the night. Countless kings of empires far and wide have tried to vanquish the Forbidden Woods where the Forbidden Mountain stands…and in return, making Maleficent their enemy. Instead of being given the chance to co-exist, her dark domain has been misunderstood and shunned, and Maleficent grows all the more powerful defeating those who dare to challenge her and her minions, further isolating herself and seeking revenge. As she grows powerful, so does her hate.

Maleficent is not the unloving monster some would make her out to be. In fact, she cherishes her kingdom and embraces her destiny to be the ruler of darkness. But because her lands are ancient and odd, outsiders would see it conquered and her reign overthrown.


Includes five standalone tales, featuring Maleficent as either the protagonist or antagonist. The reader will see the different trials and tribulations that Maleficent has faced over her many years.