Cliff Chiang Discusses His Work on PAPER GIRLS from Image Comics

Paper Girls is a mystery sci-fi coming of age comic by author Brian K. Vaughan (Saga), illustrator Cliff Chiang, and colorist Matt Wilson. Published by Image Comics, the ongoing series began in 2015 and follows the story of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls from subruban Cleveland in 1998. 

The series is now coming up on its fourth trade, and Chiang sat down with SYFY WIRE to discuss his most recent work, including Paper Girls. Chiang explains that each arc of the story focuses on a seperate girl, allowing himself and the audience to become enthralled with each character rather than being hyper-focused on one which can happen in series following a group of characters. Chiang also explains his research into various time periods in order to maintain authenticity in his art paired with Vaughan's story-telling.

You can see the whole interview in the video below. For a list of all Paper Girls titles, see below. Paper Girls Volume 4 is rated for young adult readers (13-16) and will be availalbe April 2018.

Title ISBN Price Release Date
Paper Girls Deluxe Edition Volume 1 9781534303348 $34.99 11/21/2017
Paper Girls Volume 1 9781632156747 $9.99 4/5/2016
Paper Girls Volume 2  9781632158956 $12.99 12/6/2016
Paper Girls Volume 3 9781534302235 $12.99 8/8/2017
Paper Girls Volume 4 9781534305106 $12.99 4/10/2018


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