First Trade: Comic Reviews for Booksellers - March 2019

DBD introduces a new graphic novel review series by bookseller Bianca Walters. Every month, Bianca will provide reviews of three graphic novels, providing information on suitable audiences for each title, artistic comparisons, and sell-through suggestions.

The Weatherman Volume 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Jody LeHoup, Nathan Fox
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
ISBN: 9781534308732
ON SALE: 3/5/19
GENRE: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Espionage, Action, Comedy

Nathan Bright is a silly, harmless weatherman. He jokes through his segment every day, loves to eat noodles, and is kind of terrible at talking to women. Amanda Cross is the agent assigned to locate and interrogate him in regards to the extinction-level terrorist attack that rendered Earth unlivable (humanity has since moved to Mars.)

Bright has no memory of life before the attack, and that time is exactly what has Cross chasing him around - his mind may hold secret plans for a second attack. Once the public realizes he is a suspect, every citizen of the post-Earth colony is looking to gut him.   

FOR FANS OF: Deadpool, Firefly, Shirtless Bear-fighter (LeHoup’s other Image title) and Total Recall.

ART: Loud colors and busy settings match the stories on top of stories going on.

SELL IT: To those with big appetites for deep sci-fi and eccentric criminals.


CONTRIBUTORS: Norm Harper, Louie Joyce
ISBN: 9781549304118
ON SALE: 3/19/19
GENRE: Fantasy, Folklore, All Ages

Superstition guides everything Alex Mills does, she always throws spilt salt over her shoulder, never steps on cracks, and never plays a game without her father’s lucky bat. Before he passed away, Alex’s father would tell her all about her great-great grandfather Zane and his lucky cards.

One day, Alex does step on a crack and - well, her mom falls down and goes into a coma. Just when it feels like her luck is completely gone, a leprechaun appears on her nightstand with an invite to Haphaven, the realm from which superstitions draw their power.

The rest is an epic quest through Haphaven, to save Alex’s mom and unravel the secrets of her family’s history alongside creatures big, small, lucky and jinxed.     

FOR FANS OF: The Borrowers, Amulet

ART: Has heart and fits the project. The creatures of Haphaven, especially the Jinx, are fantastic.

SELL IT: In the middle grade section to kids with rabbit’s feet on their backpacks.


Crowded Volume 1

CONTRIBUTORS: Christopher Sebela, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
ISBN: 9781534310544
ON SALE: 3/26/19
GENRE: Speculative Fiction, Action, Comedy

Charlotte Ellison uses apps to make a living out of driving and old outfits, so it seems quite appropriate that her death would also involve an app. Her face has appeared on Reapr, a crowdfunding site where users chip in to sweeten the bounty on a target’s head. The target can be anyone, for any reason and if that target survives the month-long campaign, they can keep their bounty. This is where Vita comes in.

Vita Slatter is a bodyguard that’s been hired by Ellison through (of course) an app called Defendr. She wears a yellow jacket with black stripes, drives an old car, and is all the grumpy butch anti-hero you could ever want.    

Crowded works on every level: it’s funny, stylish, and the action is a consistent crescendo. There’s satisfying queer representation, character depth at every given opportunity that is endearing and intriguing, lots of expert trope manipulation, accumulation of property damage, and a dog.

FOR FANS OF: Crosswind, No. 1 with a Bullet, Die Hard, and Snotgirl.

ART: Refined AND bonkers, with excellent acting from every tier of character.

SELL IT: To folks who wish there were more gay action movies and appreciators of comic book composition.



Bianca is a bookseller, a polite troublemaker, an eventual time traveller, and a graphic novel evangelist. She and her two cats are from Berwyn, IL and she currently works at The Book Table in Oak Park. Read more of her reviews are here: or catch her on the interwebs @beewaltz.