The End is Coming in Image Comics' Invincible

Announced earlier this year, Robert Kirkman is winding down his longrunning comic Invinceble (Image Comcis)with issue series #144. The series originally debuted January 2003 and rivals only The Walking Dead in Kirkman's longrunning series. Invincible follows the saga of superhero Mark Grayson (AKA Invincible) as he protects the earth from various threats.

In a written statement, Kirkman expressed his hopes that the series would eventually be taken up by other writers, but later changed his mind because the storyline he had created was coming to a natural ending. 

“I briefly considered bringing on another team, starting that eventual march to that book I’d read in my old age and throw across the room saying, ‘This isn’t Invincible!'” Kirkman says in the statement. “And while I did consider some really cool options that would have led to some really cool issues of Invincible… more and more as I thought about it, I realized ending the series was the right thing to do. So that’s what we’re doing! Issue 144, the conclusion of the 12-part epic ‘The End of All Things,’ will be the final issue of Invincible. I’m sure when it’s all said and done, I’ll be sad, and I know I will miss these characters, but for the time being, I’m excited. Ryan will be coming back to the book with issue 133 in November, and we’re going to hit the ground running. We’ve got a wild ride in store for the fans where we’re going to touch every corner of the Invincible Universe, and in the end, tie things up in a really cool and unexpected way.” [Full statement available on EW]

The end is near as Image Comics has solicited issue #144 to release January 2018. The final issue will be collected in Invincible Volume 25: The End of All Things Part 2 available March 2018.

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Complete Invincible Library Volume 1 9781582407180 $125.00 3/27/2007
Complete Invincible Library Volume 2 9781607061120 $125.00 6/1/2010
Complete Invincible Library Volume 3 9781607064213 $125.00 12/13/2011
Invincible Compendium Volume 1 9781607064114 $64.99 8/30/2011
Invincible Compendium Volume 2 9781607067726 $64.99 8/27/2013
Invincible Compendium Volume 3 9781534306868 $64.99 7/24/2018
Invincible Volume 1: Family Matters 9781582407111 $12.99 12/19/2006
Invincible Volume 2: Eight Is Enough 9781582403472 $12.99 4/27/2004
Invincible Volume 3: Perfect Strangers 9781582407937 $12.99 11/25/2008
Invincible Volume 4: Head Of The Class 9781582407784 $14.99 5/13/2008
Invincible Volume 5: The Fact Of Life 9781582405544 $14.99 11/15/2005
Invincible Volume 6: A Different World 9781582405797 $16.99 7/4/2006
Invincible Volume 7: Three's Company 9781582406565 $14.99 10/24/2006
Invincible Volume 8: My Favorite Martian 9781582406831 $16.99 7/17/2007
Invincible Volume 9: Out Of This World 9781582408279 $14.99 6/17/2008
Invincible Volume 10: Whos The Boss? 9781607060130 $16.99 6/2/2009
Invincible Volume 11: Happy Days 9781607060628 $16.99 8/25/2009
Invincible Volume 12: Still Standing 9781607061663 $16.99 6/8/2010
Invincible Volume 13: Growing Pains 9781607062516 $16.99 9/14/2010
Invincible Volume 14: The Viltrumite War 9781607063674 $19.99 5/10/2011
Invincible Volume 15: Get Smart 9781607064985 $16.99 1/24/2012
Invincible Volume 16: Family Ties 9781607065791 $16.99 7/17/2012
Invincible Volume 17: What's Happening 9781607066620 $16.99 1/29/2013
Invincible Volume 18: Death of Everyone 9781607067627 $16.99 8/13/2013
Invincible Volume 19: The War At Home 9781607068563 $16.99 3/11/2014
Invincible Volume 20: Friends 9781632150431 $16.99 11/25/2014
Invincible Volume 21: Modern Family 9781632153180 $16.99 7/7/2015
Invincible Volume 22: Reboot 9781632156266 $16.99 2/23/2016
Invincible Volume 23 9781632158888 $16.99 4/4/2017
Invincible Volume 24: The End of All Things Part 1 9781534303225 $16.99 9/26/2017
Invincible Volume 25: The End of All Things Part 2 9781534305038 $16.99 3/27/2018
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 1 9781582405001 $34.99 8/2/2005
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 2 9781582405940 $39.99 7/18/2006
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 3 9781582407630 $34.99 8/21/2007
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 4 9781582409894 $34.99 5/12/2009
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 5 9781607061168 $34.99 5/4/2010
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 6 9781607063605 $34.99 4/5/2011
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 7 9781607065098 $39.99 3/6/2012
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 8 9781607066804 $39.99 5/7/2013
Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 9  9781632150325 $39.99 8/19/2014
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Invincible Universe Volume 1 9781607068204 $16.99 11/19/2013
Invincible Universe Volume 2 9781607069867 $16.99 5/20/2014
The Official Handbook Of The Invincible Universe 9781582408316 $12.99 11/27/2007
Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode Volume 1 9781607062554 $14.99 7/27/2010
Invincible Presents: Atom Eve Collected Edition 9781607061397 $5.99 9/8/2009

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