Image's Generation Gone Launches to Critical Acclaim

Generation Gone from Image Comics is set in America in 2020 and follows three young hackers with nothing to lose. A secretive scientist with a plan. One final job. What happens when you're poor, angry, and get superpowers you never asked for? 

The serialized issues of Generation Gone have overwhelmingly sold out among comic retailers, causing the series to be rusehd back to print to keep up with demand. The excitement for the series is projected to overlap into the book market as the graphic novel hits shelves January 2018.

“We are honored and grateful for the way Generation Gone connected with readers and retailers alike, and can't wait to see yet more come on board,” said Kot. “The second issue brings some very big action beats—so put your space-suits on, because we're going all the way to the Sun.”

Generation Gone has been described as a blend between Skins and Unbreakable — if you also include multiple trips to the sun, weird black goo, a breakup fight inside a nuclear factory, love, hate, anger, loss...and survival. This series is for every kid struggling out there. It's about what it means to be young in the USA, 2017. 

Generation Gone Volume 1 (9781534304703, $16.99) has a release date of January 9, 2018. For a preview of the acclaimed upcoming graphic novel, see below:

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