Colleen Coover's "Small Favors" Gets Fresh Hardcover Reprint from Limerence Press

Colleen Coover's Small Favors originally ran from 2002-2004, and has since been regared as one of the most praised erotic comics of all time. Small Favors follows the story of Annie who reaches the limits of her lifetime supply of self-pleasure. She is sentenced to be monitored by a manifestation of her conscience named Nibbil. In a turn of events, Annie and Nibbil fall in love, and spend several issues having wildly imaginitive sex framed within the context of a charmingly romantic love story. 

It's been over a decade since the last issue was released, and Limerence Press is bringing the beloved comic back to print with a hardcover collection in April 2017. This hardcover deluxe edition will include a special new story drawn by Coover based on a script from the original comic series. 

In an interview with ComicsAlliance, Colleen reflected on her initial expectations for Small Favors thirteen years ago as well as the process of creating the original comic series. Colleen explains that she "wanted a sexy comic people could enjoy." During a time when "a lot of other adult comics were embracing the 'adult' part of comics by going all-in on 'stuff you couldn't publish in a book for kids'," Colleen explains that the main objective in Small Favors was that "everyone [was] having fun."

Small Favors will collect the first two volumes of  the original seires, include a new story by Coovers, as well as have an introduction from Kelly Sue DeConnick. The collection will be available in stores on April 26, 2017.


ISBN: 978-1620103982

PRICE: $29.99

RELEASE DATE: 4/26/2017

FORMAT: Hardcover, Black & White, 6x9, 248 pages

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