Back To Basics For Dynamite's Red Sonja

Featuring the 25-cent adventure Red Sonja #0, Red Sonja: World's Away places the barbarian She-Devil with a Sword in a whole different world - New York City. Written by Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Kiss) and illustrated by Carlos Gomez (The Dresden Files), Red Sonja finds herself attacked by deep underground, powerful demons clad in metal armor. Confused and weaponless, she must find a way to defeat these mysterious creatures, escape from her solitary prison, and make her way to the surface to discover where she is, and why the evil Kulan Gath summoned her there! Below is an interview conducted by PREVIEWSworld's, Vince Brusio, about Chu's experience with Red Sonja.

Red Sonja: World's Away has a scheduled release date for 07/25/2017.


Vince Brusio: Are you a longtime fan of Red Sonja? Are there any personal anecdotes or reflections on the character or storylines from your experience reading the comics?

Amy Chu: I'm pretty certain I read some '70s Red Sonja/Conan, and of course watched the movie with Brigitte Nielson, but I really became a Red Sonja fan when Gail Simone took over. That was a side of Sonja I hadn't seen before, and it was quite terrific. And I thought, some day I'm going to write a badass character like her too! And look, here I am. My husband is quite stoked by all this, of course.

Vince BrusioIn advance of writing the story, were there particular aspects of Red Sonja's characterization that you really wanted to delve into? What can the readers expect to explore, beginning with the new Red Sonja: Worlds Away?

Amy Chu: I want to represent Red Sonja in the purest way possible. She's a warrior, she's not a strategist. She's familiar with a certain way of life, a certain way of fighting. What if we take that away and put her in a completely new environment where she's forced to adapt? Let's get her out of her comfort zone and see where Red Sonja goes from there. Scott Snyder is doing that right now in All-Star Bat­man, taking Batman out of Gotham and putting him on the road, and I think that's quite exciting. It's a win-win: something refreshing for the readers, and a great challenge for the creative team. There's going to be a lot of action and adventure with a little splash of mystery, and we're going to see her abilities tested in new ways, all starting with Issue #0.

Vince Brusio: Your recent work on DC Comics' Poison Ivy series really hit a chord with readers. Are there any common themes or elements between the characters? Do you think your Poison Ivy fan base might hop over and try out the new Red Sonja?

Amy Chu: Red Sonja and Poison Ivy are both great, popular, sexy redheads. They're powerful women in very different ways, and they're also flawed in different ways, which make their personal stories really interesting. So, sure, I hope Ivy fans do hop over, especially for this arc. Don't think you have to be fans of swords and sorcery to enjoy this Red Sonja. Plus, I'm bringing in some colorful supporting characters just like I did with the Ivy mini-series!


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