Legendary Acquires Animosity

Announced on Deadline, Legendary Entertainment has acquired the worldwide film rights to AfterShock Comics' Animosity, written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre. AfterShock Media's president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer are attached to produce with Legendary's Jon Silk set to oversee the project. 

One day, for no reason, the Animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking REVENGE.

Now, the world is plunged into chaos as the newly-intelligent Animals fight humanity, and simply fight each other, for their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In the midst of the turmoil is Jesse, an 11-year-old girl, and her dog, Sandor, who is devoted to her and her protection. One year after the incident, Jesse and Sandor begin a cross-country journey to find Jesse's half-brother, Adam, who is living in San Francisco. Don't miss out on this fantastic first collection of the series EVERYONE is talking about!

For more information on Animosity from AfterShock Comics titles, see below. 

Title ISBN Price Release Date
Animosity Hardcover Year One 978-1-935002-60-4 $39.99 5/8/2018
Animosity Volume 1 978-1-935002-89-5 $14.99 3/1/2017
Animosity Volume 2 978-1-935002-74-1 $14.99 10/24/2017
ANIMOSITY VOL. 3 978-1-935002-56-7 $14.99 7/17/2018
Animosity: Evolution Vol. 1 978-1-935002-68-0 $14.99 6/5/2018
ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION VOL. 2 TPB 978-1-935002-44-4 $14.99 12/11/2018