Bullying Harry Moon and IKEA’s Bullying Experiment with a Plant

Via Medium - Bullying remains an epidemic in our school system. Harry Moon’s attitude is the same as Abraham Lincoln’s — “The best way to lose an enemy is to make him your friend”.

When Harry is bullied by Titus Kligore who attacks him with scissors and cuts off his hair, Harry is rightfully devastated.

But Harry doesn’t plot revenge.

Instead, Harry saves Titus’s life when a fire breaks out in a Halloween costume shop, Chillie Willies. And by saving Titus, Harry transforms Titus’s view of him. By the end of the origin book, Wand-Paper-Scissors, Titus is not only a friend but is wearing Harry’s banner across his t-shirt — Do No Evil.

Rabbit publishers is delighted to be introducing the KIDS READ ONE programinto America’s school system this fall with Wand-Paper-Scissors. It is perfect for SEL discussions for any middle grade school.

The folks at IKEA have also recently shined a light on bullying. Not with a human being, but with plants from their “very own store”. They experiment with verbal abuse. The results of the experiment are astonishing. 

Check out the video of the experiment in a school in the UAE here!

Amazing, huh? Bullying seems to diminish both plants and human beings. The more we can encourage compassionate and respectful community, the better our next generation will lead with steadfast emotional and social skills. So let’s continue to get the good word out there, whether through plant or Harry’s magic wand.


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