American Horror Story's Cheyenne Jackson Bags Devilish Role in Disney’s Descendants 3

Deadline reported on May 21 that the third entry in its Descendants franchise — the made-for-TV films starring the teen sons and daughters of Disney’s iconic heroes and villains — continued to move forward with the casting of popular actor Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story) as one of Disney’s most popular modern villains: Hades from Hercules.

Descendants 3 is the latest addition to a universe that has generated a devoted following, as well as a huge consumer base for related toys & merchandise. According to Deadline, “Last year’s Descendants 2 premiered in July simultaneously across four Disney|ABC Television Group networks — Disney Channel, ABC, Disney XD and Freeform — along with Lifetime and Lifetime Movies, luring 21 million total viewers among them in Live+3. Airing only on Disney Channel, the first pic in the series garnered 6.6 million viewers and also jumped 61% in L+3 to 10.5 million.”

Disney Descendants currently has an on-going manga series from Tokyopop, featuring the main cast in re-tellings of the original Disney movies as well as original stories such as Disney Descendants Evie's Wicked Runway. For a full list of tie-in titles for Disney Descendants manga from Tokyopop, see below or check out our Edelweiss+ catalog here. For a list of media-tie in graphic novels and manga from Diamond publishers, click here.

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