Retailers Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day 2018

Independent Bookstore Day is an annual national celebration that takes place at indie bookstores across the United States during the first Saturday in April. The celebration highlights the unique aspects that each store posesses, and features author events, live music, food and beverages, scavenger hunts, kid events, art tables, readings, babecues, contests, and more. In addition, the events focus on experiences and merchandise you can only get on Independent Bookstore Day during the celebration - not before; not after; not online. 

"It’s clear that Independent Bookstore Day has become a red-letter day for indie bookstores and their customers,” said ABA CEO Oren Teicher. “Sales in the indie channel for the week of IBD this year were up 9.54 percent over sales in the comparable week in 2017, and in bookstores nationwide readers and book buyers enjoyed a wide range of fun activities and events that highlighted, once again, the unique role that independent bookstores play in connecting authors and readers and growing the larger community of the book."

This year, one of the featured items offered to retailers participating in the event was an exclusive edition of Jordia Bellaire and Vanesa Del Rey's REDLANDS VOLUME 1 from Image Comics. Sporting an original trade dress, REDLANDS VOLUME 1 is set in the mysterious town of Redlands, Florida. Run by a bloodthirsty matriarchal force, sacrifices are forced to be made to remain at the top. But someone is intent on removing these women from the top of the food chain, and he's ready to unleash their darkest secret but has seriously underestimated the lengths the townspeople will go to protect the new order of things.

Over 500 retailers participated in this year's Independent Bookstore Day which took place on April 28. Intending to increasing public awareness of the independent bookstore community. According to accounts reported by Publisher Weekly, several shops reported an increase in sales. Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop in Wilmington, N.C. was one of the participating stores included in the round up. Owner Sho Roberts said, “We were able to work with nearby small businesses to offer free ice cream, bowling, and discounts. The day was a huge success and was almost as big as our grand opening on March 17th.”

For more information on Independent Bookstore Day, visit their website here. For the official American Booksellers Association recap, click here.


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