10th Annual Inkwell Awards Winners Announced

The Inkwell Award recognizes excellence in the field of inking the American comics books. Created to focus on and show more recognition toward the inking art form and its artists, a production skill exclusive to comic books that is often misunderstood and under-appreciated and whose inkers are at times not presently credited as they were traditionally, The Inkwell Awards were partially named after the Yahoo group whose members include many in the inking community and after the personal website name of the organization founder Bob Almond, The Bob Almond Inkwell.

Voting by professionals and fans alike took place via live ballot at the non-profit advocacy’s website, and one winner was chosen in each of five categories based on American-based interior comic-book work cover-dated 2016. Separately, the Inkwells internally selected the two recipients of the annual Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award and, this year, two recipients for the Special Recognition Award (SRA) category. For a list of this year's winners, see below:

  • FAVORITE INKER: Scott Hanna (Action Comics, Batman, Justice League, Superman: Lois & Clark, Wonder Woman, All-New Wolverine, Civil War II: The Fallen)
  • MOST-ADAPTABLE INKER: Walden Wong (Earth 2, Robin War, Jupiter's Circle Volume 2, All-New Wolverine, Guardians of Infinity, Max Ride, Web Warriors)
  • PROPS (inker deserving of more attention): Scott Hanna (Action Comics, Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, A-Force, All-New Wolverine)
  • S.P.A.M.I. (Small Press and Mainstream Independent): Jonathan Glapion (Reborn)
  • ALL-IN-ONE (pencilling and inking together): Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon)
  • THE SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD (SRA): Violet Barclay, aka Valerie Smith (Golden/Silver Age) and Allen Milgrom (Bronze/Modern Age)
  • THE JOE SINNOTT HALL OF FAME: Jerry Ordway and Rudy Nebres

Bold denotes Diamond publishers

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