Angoulême International Comics Festival Recap

Angoulême International Comics Festival (FIBD*) is the second largest comic festival in Europe and third largest in the world. The festival is held annually in January in Angoulême, France, and attracts the top talents internationally for their four day event. The 2017 festival will take place from January 26-29 and will include programs and exhibitions such as "Will Eisner, Genius of American Artists" and "The World of Gaston."

Along with exhibitions and showcases, the FIBD holds several prestigious award ceremonies for national and international participants. Of those award ceremonies, two have been named during the first day of the festival for the Grand Prix and the René Goscinny awards. A full list is also available on ToutenBD; however, we have compiled the comprehensive list here as well with English titles where it applies.

* The official hashtag and acronym for the Angoulême International Comics Festival is FIBD, meaning Festival International de la Bande Dessinée which translates to International Festival of Comics.

Cosey - Grand Prix Award

The Grand Prix is a lifetime achievement award given annually to a comics author and is considered the most presitious award in Franco-Belgian comics.

While the award has been mainly given to French and Belgian authors, ten people of other nationalilities have also been given the award.

This year, Cosey is the receipient of this highly sought-after award. Cosey won the majority of votes for his work on Jonathan, a title that has been marked as influential of comic creators since its creation in 1975.

Cosey, Grand Prix of the Comics Festival of Angoulême 2017. Award ceremony of the Grand Prix. The Alpha. © 9eArt +, photo by Jorge Fidel Alvarez


Emmanuel Guibert - René Goscinny

The René Goscinny award is named after the writer of Asterix and Lucky Luke, and is awarded to comics writers whose comic careers have begun to florish.

Emmanuel Guibert is the screenwriter of La Guerre d'Alan, Ariol, Sardine de L'Espace and Le Photographe. His comics career has quickly taken off as he has succeeded in "converting the people he has known and admired as simple but edifying heroes."

The jury declared that it is for the "diversity of his work, his capacity for perpetual renewal, for the intelligence and sensitivity with which he reflects on the place of the author and the narrator in his staging of biographics" that he has been chosen for the 2017 René Goscinny award.

Emmanuel Guibert receives the Prix René-Goscinny. © 9eArt +, photo by Jorge Fidel Alvarez

The Fauve Awards

Best Album

Paysage Après la Bataille (Landscape After the Battle) by Philippe de Pierpont and Éric Lambé
(Actes Sud BD/Frémok)

Audience Award

L'Homme Qui Tua Lucky Luke by Matthieu Bonhomme
(lucky comics)

Best Thriller

L’Été Diabolik by Alexandre Clérisse et Thierry Smolderen

Special Jury Prize

Ce Qu’il Faut de Terre à l’homme (What is Earth to Man) by Martin Veyron

Best Series

Chiisakobe Volume 4 by Minetaro Mochizuki
(Le Lézard Noir)

Best New Artist

Mauvaises Filles (Bad Girls) by Ancco

Best Reprint

Le Club des Divorcés Volume 2 by Kazuo Kamimura

Best Book for Young Readers

La Jeunesse de Mickey (Young Mickey House) by Tébo

Alternative Comics Award

Biscoto, Le journal Plus Fort que Costaud (Biscotto, the stronger than beefy newspaper)
published by Association Biscoto 

Other Awards

  • Young talents price: 3rd winner: "The Pond" Yannick Grossetête; 2nd laureate: "Day 1: What am I doing here?" By Fabien Roché; 1st winner: "Olympic Games of the Athletes Randomly Distributed" of Nassim Sarni.
  • Price Area Young talents: "For a better life" Theo Masson.
  • Price Angoulême BD School: "World apart" André Clémence.
  • Price Graphic Design Contest School BD: "Drawings thrown" Elliot Royer
  • Price Scenario School Contest BD: "Well done Mr. Darwin" of Kerrian Giammattei.
  • Coup de Coeur of the School Contest BD: "In a world without a shepherd" Leopold Kalinda.
  • Prices of Angouleme schools: "The Cantoche, Volume 1" Premier service "Nob, Comic Kids.
  • Price BD Poitou-Charentes colleges "Ninn," Volume 1, "The black line" Jean-Michel Darlot and Johan Pilet, Kennes.
  • Price Poitou-Charentes schools: "The Man Who Shot Lucky Luke" Matthieu Bonhomme, Lucky Comics.
  • Challenge Digital Price: 3rd Winners: Camille Prior of the Attic and Vincent Malgras for their interactive work "Odyssey 2.0"; 2nd winner: Antoine Maillard for his interactive work "Roaxaca Zone"; 1st winners: Vidu and Batraf for their interactive work "L'Immeuble"

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