Diamond Reflects on ALA Mid-Winter

This year, Diamond Book Distributors and BookShelf enjoyed meeting hundreds of dedicated librarians and educators at ALA Mid-Winter. Words cannot describe the deep appreciation we have for those of you promoting graphic novels as a literary tool in your classrooms and community. But alas, all good things seem to have an end, and although the end of ALA Mid-Winter has come, we are excited to see you all again at ALA's Annual Conference in June!

Along with meeting so many wonderful people at the conference, we had the opportunity to giveaway four compelling graphic novels to seven individuals over the course of the weekend both at the conference and virtually. Check out the winners below, and make sure to participate during our next trade show for opportunities to win these titles and more!


Love, Volume 4: The Dinosaur
Magnetic Press


Princess Princess Ever After
Oni Press


Boo, the World's Cutest Dog


Space Battle Lunch Time Volume 1
Oni Press


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  • Traci Glass | Eugene Public Library
  • Anna Gordon | Moffat Library
  • Amanda Lee | Atlanta Area School for the Deaf
  • Brene Duggins| Davidson County Schools


  • Jennifer Powell | Tarrant High School

Follower Appreciation

  • Tina Katz | Studio City Library (Twitter)
  • Shaunterria Owens | (Facebook)


Diamond was proud to host Congressman John Lewis for a book signing of his award-winning best-seller, March, Book Three. Lewis' graphic memoir, co-written by Andrew Aydin and illustrated by Nate Powell, went on to win four more awards during the ALA Youth Media Awards on January 23rd, adding to the prestige of the work.


Diamond and Image Comics were also grateful to be able to host the creators of AFAR for a book signing on January 22nd. Along with the book signing, Del Duca and Keaton led exhibits throughout the weekend about graphic novels for librarians and educators.

We had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of dedicated librarians. Many were familiar with our publishers' graphic novels and were excited to see the new titles we had to display, while others were new to our product line and quickly fell in love with the wide variety of titles, genres, and themes our publishers' provide!

Diamond presented a wide array of titles for all ages and from all genres. Librarians and educators at the conference were in love with Oni Press' Princess Princess Ever After and Image Comics' Monstress.


In November 2016, history was made when the graphic novel March, Book Three (9781603094023, $19.99) was awarded the National Book Award. While graphic novels have been nominated for the award in the past, March, Book Three became the first graphic novel to win this prestigious award. Since this historic win, the graphic novel instantly became a best-seller among librarians, educators, and readers of all kinds. Soon after winning the National Book Award, March, Book Three was also award the Walter - an award given by the We Need Diverse Books committee for titles that represent diversity.

Now, Congressman John Lewis, co-author Andrew Aydin, and illustrator Nate Powell have been given three more awards for their nationally acclaimed graphic novel: the Printz Award, the Seibert Medal, the Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction Award, and the Coretta Scott King Book Award. These awards are given out annually by the American Library Association (ALA) during their Mid-Winter Conference (for more information on each award, see below). Congressman Lewis accepted the YALSA Nonfiction Award on behalf of the three creators yesterday at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Atlanta. The King, Printz, and Sibert Awards will be handed out in ceremonies at the ALA Annual Conference in June.

"I'm delighted and honored that America's librarians are supporting March with these awards," said Congressman Lewis according to Top Shelf Productions. "I love books and I love librarians. When I was growing up I tried to read every single thing I could. I hope these awards will help inspire all of our young people — and some of us not so young — to read, to learn, and to act. March is a guidebook reminding us that we all must speak up and stand up for what is right, what is fair, and what is just."

March, Book Three
(9781603094023, $19.99) is the stunning conclusion of the award-winning and best-selling March Trilogy published by Top Shelf Productions. By the fall of 1963, the Civil Rights Movement has penetrated deep into the American consciousness, and as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), John Lewis is guiding the tip of the spear. Through relentless direct action, SNCC continues to force the nation to confront its own blatant injustice, but for every step forward, the danger grows more intense: Jim Crow strikes back through legal tricks, intimidation, violence, and death. The only hope for lasting change is to give voice to the millions of Americans silenced by voter suppression: “One Man, One Vote.” With these new struggles come new allies, new opponents, and an unpredictable new president who might be both at once. But fractures within the movement are deepening ... even as 25-year-old John Lewis prepares to risk everything in a historic showdown high above the Alabama river, in a town called Selma.

  • Printz Award | The Michael L. Printz Award annually honors the best book written for teens, based on its literary merit, each year. In addition, the Printz Committee names up to four honor books, which also represent the best writing in young adult literature.
  • Seibert Medal | The Sibert Medal is awarded annually to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished informational book published in the United States in English during the preceding year. 
  • Excellence in YA Nonfiction | YALSA's Award for Excellence in Nonfiction honors the best nonfiction book published for young adults (ages 12-18) during a Nov. 1 – Oct. 31 publishing year. 
  • Coretta Scott King Book Award | The Coretta Scott King Book Award is given annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values. 

Missed Us at ALA Mid-Winter?

Don't worry! We will be traveling the nation throughout the year visitng various trade shows and conferences. See below for a full list of our conference stops.

  • London Book Fair | March 14-17, London, England
  • National Science Teachers Association Conference | March 30-April 2, Los Angeles, California
  • ABA's Children Institute | April 5-7, Portland, Oregon
  • Texas Library Association Annual Conference | April 19-22, San Antonio, Texas
  • Book Expo & Book Con | May 31-June 2, New York, New York
  • ALA Annual Meeting | June 22-27, Chicago, Illinois
  • International Literarcy Association Conference | July 15-17, Orlando, Florida
  • San Diego Comic Con | July 20-23, San Diego, California
  • Frankfurt Book Fair | October 11-15, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Association for Middle Level Education Annual Conference | November 6-8, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • American Association of School Librarians Conference | November 9-12, Pheonix, Arizona
  • National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention | November 16-19, St. Louis, Missouri
  • National Council for the Social Studies Conference | November 17-19, San Fransico, California


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